Is Chronic Migraine Affecting Your Mental Well-Being? A Self-Assessment

Is Chronic Migraine Affecting Your Mental Well-Being? A Self-Assessment

Here are some questions to help you assess whether it might be beneficent to talk over the impact of chronic migraines on your mental well- being during your following medical appointment

1. Do you have any concerns about your mental well- being? If so, how long have you been having these concerns?

  • Not applicable, I’ve no concerns.
  • Only for a several days.
  • For the last 1- 2 weeks.
  • About 2- 4 weeks.
  • longer than a month.

2. Have you noticed any anxious feelings related to your migraines? For illustration, have you felt anxious about when your next migraine occurrence might happen or felt helpless due to the unpredictability of migraine symptoms?

  • No.
  • Yes.

3. Have you gotten any diagnoses of mental health conditions in addition to your migraines?

  • No.
  • Not yet, but I suppose I would like an evaluation.
  • Yes, I am also managing anxiety and/ or depression.

4. On a scale of 1- 10, how would you rate your overall mental well- being right now? Consider 1 as’ really negative or distressed’ and 10 as’ really positive or content.’

  • 8- 10.
  • 5- 7.
  • 2- 4.

5. Have your feelings or overall mental state caused any distress or challenges for you in the following areas?

  • No, I am not witnessing distress or challenges.
  • Yes, my social life.
  • Yes, my social life and career.
  • Yes, my social life, career, and other areas too.

6. Your emotional state can have far- reaching effects on different aspects of your life, indeed if you have not noticed them straightway. Consider whether you’ve observed any changes in your day-to-day routines or other areas. Have your sleep patterns changed? Have your energy levels varied? Are you significantly more or less interested in activities you used to enjoy? Have you noticed any shifts in how you perceive yourself?

  • No, I have not noticed changes.
  • Yes, I have observed some minor changes.
  • Yes, I have noticed some significant changes.

Please note that this information is supplied for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a cover for personalized health or medical advice and diagnosis from a good healthcare professional.

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